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You Can Help!

Ability Works, Inc. is a private, non-profit 501(c)3 organization. As such, our budgets depend on both operating revenue and the generosity of our community.

While our operations generate income from production work and the sale of products/services, that income needs to be supplemented by donations. We have also been able to move to a new, larger facility through the kindness of donors, but there are costs associated with this that still need to be addressed. These are all ways in which individuals and community groups can make a big difference. If you are interested in helping us with our mission or have questions about giving opportunities, please call our Director’s office or email us at for more information and to discuss how you might best be able help.

PayPal We do accept donations directly via PayPal. Any amount is appreciated!

Volunteering at Ability Works, Inc. helps us, and it's great for our volunteers, too!Volunteering

At the heart of the work done at Ability Works are the many services we provide. We are also deeply committed to providing a number of outreach programs in our surrounding communities, and so we have the need for volunteers from time to time.

Please send an email with your interest and questions to


Our corporate stewardship programs let area businesses contribute to Ability Works, Inc. in a variety of ways.Corporate Stewardship

Ability Works, Inc. is always grateful for the involvement of our friends in the business community! There are several ways in which a business or corporation can play an important role, including mentoring; loaning of key personnel as needed; direct contributions; and placement of revenue-producing projects with us. Please contact us if any of our Corporate Stewardship programs might interest you.