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Extended Employment

For over 40 years, Ability Works, Inc. has provided extended employment, first in our building located on Galloway Road in Sandusky, Ohio and now at our new location on Superior Street in Sandusky. We've contracted with area businesses to provide piecework and tabletop assembly-type jobs for individuals to perform to gain income. [ back to top ]

Ability Works, Inc.'s facilities are designed to handle many projects, both large and small.



Ability Works, Inc. provides transportation to and from its oice as well as for events and activities in the community.Transportation

The Ability Works, Inc. transportation system provides a critical link to the community to enhance the quality of life for our developmentally disabled clients. It ensures all transit services will be provided in a way that does not discriminate against persons with disabilities, and it fully complies with the intent of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Transportation is available to and from our facility as well as for community events. If you are interested in obtaining transportation services, please download and fill out our pdf file Transportation Request form and mail it to us.

Our transportation services adhere to certain standards, which include:

  • No person shall be denied access to participate in transit service, programs, or activities simply because a person has a disability.
  • Ability Works, Inc. will provide programs and services in the most integrated setting possible.
  • Ability Works, Inc. will establish eligibility standards or rules which ensure individuals with disabilities an equal opportunity to enjoy services, programs, or activities.
  • Ability Works, Inc. will establish policies, practices, and procedures that ensure equal access to individuals with disabilities.
  • Ability Works, Inc. will furnish auxiliary aids and services when necessary to ensure effective communications.
  • Ability Works, Inc. may provide special benefits beyond those required by the regulations to individuals with disabilities.
  • Ability Works, Inc. will not require an individual with a disability to accept a special accommodation or benefit if the individual chooses not to accept it.

Most of our transport vehicles have a TV and a VCR. Drivers are trained in Behavior Support.

You may also wish to review our pdf file Transportation Rules & Guidelines.

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Ability Works, Inc.'s certified staff works with individuals toward goals to maintain or improve recreation, leisure, or personal development skills.Day Services

Ability Works, Inc. provides a safe environment for adults with disabilities to enjoy time away from home. Our certified staff will work with individuals on goals to maintain or to increase their recreation, leisure, or personal development skills. Our program is open from 8:15 am until 3:15 pm, Monday through Friday. We pride ourselves on the delivery of quality, personalized services!

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At Ability Works, Inc., job development is in the form of assessment, job coaching, and follow-along.Career Academy

At Ability Works, Inc., job development is a process placing emphasis on finding a job to fit the person. We provide supported employment services as allocated in an individual’s personal plan and budget. This service is in the form of assessment, job development, job coaching, and follow along. For more information, call our Job Coach at 419-626-1048 for an assessment, or email

Get paid while you learn what it's like to have a job!






Want to know more? Download our flyers for pdf file Career Preparation and pdf file Career Academy.


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Ability Works, Inc. emphasizes family involvement.For Families

Ability Works, Inc. recognizes that families are often in need of as much support as their developmentally disabled loved ones. If you need any assistance, counseling, or just someone who can answer your question(s), please contact us any time. Call us at 419-626-1048, or send an email to

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